Cheap Hosting Packages

Cheap Hosting Packages

As the IT industry proliferates incessantly, brand new cheap hosting solutions are introduced to make website creation and administration easier than ever. A shared hosting package with the smallest disk storage and bandwidth quotas used to cost tens of dollars per month, but at the moment, some vendors provide unmetered plans for only a fraction of the cost, enabling customers and small-sized corporations to get their place in the Internet universe.

Affordable, Dependable Shared Hosting Packages

The development of more robust architectures and the allocation of different tasks between different hosting servers enable suppliers to furnish dependable, yet cheap hosting accounts. With a shared website hosting package, every client hosts an account on a web hosting server and because many other persons share the same web server, the cost of the service is quite affordable.

Based on the concrete firm, there may be data storage, monthly bandwidth or CPU load limits, but owing to the high rivalry on the marketplace and the aforementioned allocation of tasks, most top-notch distributors provide unmetered feature packages.

The most typical restriction is related to the CPU usage, and such a restriction is a way for the distributor to ensure that all accounts on the web server will have guaranteed system resources and that if a specific account loads the web hosting server, it will not influence the other ones, inducing all the online portals on the server to become unavailable.

A shared website hosting solution can be used for any small or medium-sized site – from a personal online blog, to a forum or a small-size online storefront.

Half-Priced virtual private servers

For more visited web pages that generate 1000’s of hits each and every day, there is also a low-cost, high quality solution – a virtual private servers. With this kind of cheap hosting, there are only several accounts on a physical server, which still preserves the price quite inexpensive compared to a dedicated server plans. Each virtual private hosting server has guaranteed resources that are much more than those of a shared web hosting package, which makes it achievable for people to maintain big web storefronts, e-learning web portals with 100’s or thousands of users, and large company web sites.

Similar to the shared web hosting packages, the virtual private web hosting server accounts have one or more features with a given quota, which ensures the stable operation of the other accounts on the server.

The good side of the VPS hosting server is that the client has complete server root access, i.e. services can be activated and ended, any software platform can be activated, and the hosting server can be rebooted through a virtualization tool, also famous as a container.

Since some script-based online portals request supplementary server-side software to be activated, being endowed with root access is a vital prerequisite for these web pages to function properly.

A Variety of Hosting Control Panel Options

The site content is managed through a hosting Control Panel just as any shared web hosting package. The hosting Control Panel trademarks vary on the basis of the website hosting service provider, but the most famous ones are Hepsia, cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk and H-Sphere, and they all give you the basic functions to handle your websites, to create and manage files, databases and emails, add password protected areas, activate scripts through a script-installer software platform, and observe web traffic statistics for your domain names.

Sadly, only Hepsia offers domain registrations, transfers, renewals and countless domain administration possibilities, through a very easy-to-use section dubbed Domain Manager.

Low-Price Cloud Shared Hosting Services by WebhostingXL

With us at WebhostingXL, you can view and assess different cloud web hosting plans and web hosting services.

We provide stable hosting solutions on solid web hosting servers at remarkably cheap prices, so you can get all you need for your web presence – a hosting account, domain names, and, if you administer a web shop, you can also have an SSL certificate. All these services are easily handled via a single Control Panel user interface.

Cheap Hosting Services for Your Top-Level Domains

There are 2 things you need in order to host a site. The first one is a domain name that will exhibit your web site when you type it in a browser, and the second one is a web hosting account, which is fundamentally the data storage space on a server where the web page files will be located, plus a few more features that it is offering.

The domain name and the web hosting account are two related, yet separate solutions, and you need them both in order to have a running site.

What is a Domain?

A domain is the alpha-numeric combination that you will select to be the address for the web page:, for example. A domain name can be up to 64 characters long and it includes two components – a Top-Level Domain (TLD) and a second-level domain name (SLD). In the abovementioned example, my-best-domain is the Second-Level Domain, and .com is the Top-Level Domain.

While you can choose the Second-Level Domain of the domain name to be anything that has not been registered yet, there is a fixed number of top-level domain names to select from. The TLDs can be generic (gTLDs) or country-code (ccTLDs), and can be registered for a particular stretch of time between 1 and ten yrs. They may have other specifications about the registrant.

Domain Name Web Hosting Services

As the domain is just a hostname and nothing more than that, you demand a website hosting plan where you have to host it. Thus, when you write it in a browser, it will show the files that you have in the account, in other words it will exhibit your web site.

You can have a domain registered with a particular registrar and obtain the hosting service from another, although lots of hosting firms offer both services and it is more user-friendly to manage everything from one website hosting CP tool.

Either way, because the domain registration and the web hosting plan are separate services, you have to point the domain to the web server where it will be added as hosted. To achieve that, you have to alter a given setting, or record, of the domain – the commonly named name server records.

Each provider has at least two nameservers – and, for instance. The website hosting CP that you use for your domain name offers you the possibility to change the nameservers and point the domain name to one hosting supplier or another.

The Need of Dependable Website Hosting Solutions

As soon as the domain name is pointed to a certain domain hosting firm and is added to their web hosting servers, you will obtain different online services. The most vital one is that the web page files that you have on the server will now be accessible when you write your domain name in a web browser.

You will also be able to set up mail accounts such as and utilize webmail or a mail user agent to handle them. Whether you own a personal or a corporate web site, being available online and being permitted to set up mailboxes with your domain name are the two most fundamental options that you obtain with a web hosting plan.

If you run a business online portal – it will represent your business before your web page visitors or clients. This is the reason why you require a reliable hosting distributor that will furnish a dependable and steady web hosting solution.

Stable web hosting Services by ‘WebhostingXL’

Other web services that you receive by hosting a domain name with us include: File Transfer Protocol access to upload and download files effortlessly, domain name forwarding, e-mail auto-responders and electronic mailing lists, and the ability to set up and configure given domain name records from your Hepsia web hosting CP.