The Hepsia Web Hosting CP
Database Manager

The Hepsia hosting Control Panel features a full-featured database administration user interface, which will give you total control over your DBs.

You can easily create brand new MySQL and PgSQL databases and manage them via the phpMyAdmin and phpPgAdmin database administration tools respectively.

An Easy-to-Use Interface

With the Database Manager interface, you can create a new database in seconds – simply fill in its name and that’s it. You will notice a list of all your databases and their corresponding sizes.

You will be able to modify passwords, to create backup files and to even log in to the phpMyAdmin and phpPgAdmin database management tools.

easy interface

Simple Database Backups

It is very important to create periodic backups of your DBs to secure your web site content and to prevent any eventual loss of data. With the Database Manager GUI, creating a database backup file is extremely easy. Simply click on the Backup icon next to the database you wish to back up and you will be instantaneously taken to the File Manager from where you can download your freshly created backup file.

simple db backup

MySQL and PgSQL Databases

The number of PgSQL and/or MySQL databases that you can set up differs based on the shared hosting package that you have picked. While MySQL is a very famous database management system utilized by millions of users all over the globe, PostgreSQL is thought of as being a more advanced database management system and is primarily employed by technically competent site owners. You can administer your MySQL DBs via the phpMyAdmin software tool, while PostgreSQL databases can be administered via the phpPgAdmin tool.

mysql pgsql databases

InnoDB Support

InnoDB is the leading database engine for the MySQL database management system, which is aimed at securing users’ data and at increasing multiuser concurrency and performance. When you would like to create a new database table, just log into the Hepsia hosting Control Panel-integrated phpMyAdmin database administration tool and pick the InnoDB database engine from the list of available database engines.

innodb support

More Features

Hepsia’s Database Manager also comprises comprehensive statistics about your databases, including the number of hourly database queries. This will give you a clue about how much load is created over a certain time period.

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